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It has been an incredible year for the Pantry as we are increasingly recognized by the community and organizations for our mission of supporting needy veterans with the basics of daily life.

So many of our military men and women have sacrificed so much for our country in the ongoing conflicts around the world, and many come home wounded in soul and body.

Unfortunately, with a VA that is all too often unresponsive to their needs, and the sense of honor that they feel, these veterans suffer alone, too proud to reach out for help. We have believed from the beginning that if our community simply knew what these proud veterans needed, their arms would be open wide to supply it for them. We have seen this to be so true…our community is awesome!

We are so incredibly honored to be the lifeline for these brave souls. With our Pantry, staffed by former military and guarded with strict privacy, these men and women are able to receive the help they need with their sense of honor intact.

Thank you, Michigan, for truly having the backs of our wonderful military men and women !!

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